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It was no wonder he was so pleased. It was not easy for someone of his age to achieve such results. Even the audience stood up and applauded him. Thunderous applause could be heard through the entire hall


Thats good. The Bureau Chief said, Expand well over there. Come back to take a look whenever you are free and we can catch up on each others happenings.


Although their voices were not too loud, they were not soft either. Hong Dali could hear some of it. He sat down and touched his chin, asking Ling Xiaoyi, Oh right, Xiaoyi. Now I remember. You bought some businesses on my behalf last night. I forgot to ask you about it


Shen Gaoyi from the Straight Valley Star, twenty-two years old, level eighteen of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the one hundred and twenty-fourth attempt. Eligible to be promoted to Honorary Aristocrat Reserve, low level.


Previously, he only learned the external skills. As for the internal skills, he only learned a bit. This was because his strength wasn’t enough for him to learn the very deep and advanced internal energy skills previously.


“What should I do…”Jiang Qianxue muttered as she laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. “What should I do… next? I want to look for him, but where should I go to look? I do not even have anyone to confide my thoughts to…”

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Of course, there was a third reason. Jiang Qianxue wanted to follow the footsteps of the almighty genius. She would not want to appear too weak. If she could not even pass level twenty, how could she be compatible with the almighty genius? The difference in skills was like a generation gap. One could not expect someone who ate the Manchu Han Imperial Feast every other day to play with someone who could not even wear his trousers properly, right?


She did not know what she should do next. To be honest, she really wanted to go and look for the godly genius. She knew that the Galaxy Aristocrats, especially the women, were not allowed to fall in love with men outside their tribe, but she kept telling herself, if she could just see the super genius once, she would be contented. As for developing feelings for each other, she dared not expect too much.


Tens of thousands of light-years! Even if he could come back often, it was different from being on Earth.


“Oh…” Hong Dali sounded sleepy. “Ah… alright. You can decide. I need to sleep first…”


Ah! This time the shop owner was shocked. This the business at my shop is pretty good


An orange-level Honorary Aristocrat was caught by the head just like that?! This wasnt this too far-fetched?!


“That’s just nice.” Jiang Qianxue’s eyes got brighter as she spoke. “You are an energy user and a relatively strong one, but the super genius is naturally stronger than you! You don’t really have any other abilities or aspects that you can boast about, and you are a super prodigal. No matter how bad the super genius is, he should still be better than you, right? So… so… you are the best experimental partner! You are an Honorary Aristocrat and is also related to Elder Mo Tianji. Even if my father finds out, he would not say much. There is no better choice than you!”



It was a young man who was about twenty-five years old with red hair and an arrogant smile on his face. He had his arms around two pretty young females, one on each side. Most importantly, he was wearing an orange-level Honorary Aristocrats cloak!



“Someone actually passed the 30th level, this person is really formidable.” Almost all of the city owners were discussing this matter, especially the Galaxy Aristocrats from the Saiyan clan. “Send down my instructions, immediately prepare a spaceship. Looks like I have to go pay this lucky fellow, Jiang Duxing, a visit. Now that Shenluo City has such a genius, its status and treatment will instantly change.”


“This… This…” Tang Muxin and the rest were all stunned. After a short while, they all burst out laughing. Tang Muxin even laughed till she was banging on the table. “Hahaha, what an ugly little fellow. Dali, hahaha, this fellow…”


“Haha, Dali Creates Miracles, there’s a logic behind this phrase.” The head worker laughed loudly and said, “My little precious mutters this every day before sleep, this little brat.”

  • It was Fang Han’s one hundred and thirty-fourth attempt.
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