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“I… don’t know any of that…” Jiang Qianxue did not dare look at Hong Dali in the eyes. She said, “It’s… it’s the super genius who passed level thirty of the Tower of Trials…”


It was a man in his forties who wore a black top hat. He was two meters tall and had a huge black sword with a beautiful cross as its handle. Such features were relatively common, but it was his eyes that chilled comrade Luo Qiang to the bone.


A lady like Qianxue, usually cold, once she fell in love with someone, there was no stopping her. This was no joke. Especially the incident that happened eight hundred years ago, the lady back then, her character was very much alike.


“Understood!” Everyone laughed and agreed. They prepared to return to their rooms to train—everything that happened previously had affected them deeply and they all felt the looming danger. They had to train. Lackeys who could not help their masters were definitely not qualified lackeys!


Since he had made up his mind, Tianyi swept his hair back rakishly and grinned. I must have misjudged you. You may be a lackey, but you sure have some moves.


“Ah, that.” Hong Dali hurried to cover up. “That genius, you do not even know if it is a man or a woman and you like him/her already? Shouldn’t you at least find out who it is first?”

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“Ah, that.” Hong Dali hurried to cover up. “That genius, you do not even know if it is a man or a woman and you like him/her already? Shouldn’t you at least find out who it is first?”


You also passed level twenty-two? Hearing that, Tianyi became enthusiastic. Me too. Aiya, were the same. Haha. This must be fate. Shall we exchange some pointers later?


When everyone heard that, they hurriedly observed him and were instantly stunned!


Recently, for the past two days, Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi were staying inside the villa all day and didn’t go anywhere.


This Dali has quite the brains. It seems he will grow further. Maybe not to black or white-level Double Honorary Aristocrat, but he will definitely be able to advance further.


Of course, the exact situation was very complicated, not as simple as it looked on the outside—killing those who had earned a great number of credits when they were not needed anymore wasn’t something that only happened on Earth…


When Li Tianxing arrived in front of Hong Dali, he suddenly stopped and looked at Hong Dali and his entourage curiously. As his eyes fixated on Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei, he was slightly shocked. En? Two beauties. I wonder which planet could these two beautiful ladies be from. The only thing that could attract his attention was ravishing beauties like Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei. As for the Double Honorary Aristocrat Hong Dali, he could not care less.



Youre here. Jiang Qianxue put down the book and looked at Li Tianxing. She smiled and nodded. Brother Tianxing, its been a while, indeed.



Li Yang paid him no heed. He immediately blocked Tianyis way again. This time he was not as polite. Im really sorry. I may be a lackey, but you are nothing in my eyes.


Mum, dont worry. I I know what to do. Li Nianwei bit her lip softly and her eyes were a little red. She had been following Hong Dali for such a long time, although she acted the role of a big sister, but how could she not understand what Hong Dali thought?


Soon, the clerk issued the certificate and Ace turned to leave after collecting it. When he had exited the Inspection Office for Honorary Aristocrats Advancement, a young man with half-opened eyes approached him and said, smiling, You are so free to actually come here for the Honorary Aristocrat Advancement. What are you thinking?

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